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    With Our Maison On The Clouds

    A Little Bit OF Lavishing is an online presence.
    Though the Maison is built on the clouds,
    there is no impact for the Maison to keep up her propelling momentum to analyze and understand the many metaphors existing alongside every latitude and longitude on this beautiful planet and all the creatures therein.
    A Little Bit Of Lavishing constantly translates her interpretation of her aspirations
    into understated elegance, delicate, grace and creativity
    to bring in vivid colours and asymmetrical
    pieces of earrings, rings
    And many more.
    Just, A Little Bit OF Lavishing.



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    38 Ice House Road, Central, Hong Kong
    Mon-Fri: 12:00PM -7:00PM
    Sat: 12:00PM - 5:00PM
    +852 55053199
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    +852 55053199


    +852 55053199


    +852 55053199


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